Understand how Tracer’s enterprise analytics tools make fast, data-driven decisions accessible for all.

Tracer’s technology is designed to be flexible, powerful, and smart in how you work with data and scale its impact. The platform's analytics capabilities enable a wide range of applications that can be used by any type of business. We are recognized by our partners, clients, and the industry for delivering on this.

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Make data-driven decisions faster using flexible, no-code tools


LTV is crucial for long-term business success, yet its calculation can be complex. Tracer simplifies this, enabling easy computation of LTV, including detailed cohort analysis, through the use of Tracer Tags.


Tracer leverages AI tools to quickly apply context to creative that drive insights at scale


Extracting insights from marketing and selling on Amazon's diverse platforms can be challenging. Tracer simplifies this by consolidating data across Amazon's segregated ecosystem, swiftly guiding you to actionable insights.


At Tracer, we utilize Large Language Models (LLM) to distill meaning from unstructured text, effortlessly enriching data with relevant context on a massive scale.


Platforms advise adopting broad targeting and leveraging creative for precision—Tracer empowers you to assess the effectiveness of this strategy, providing post-impression insights to understand how various creatives uniquely engage different audiences.


The challenge of accessing and preparing data for MMM is time-consuming. Tracer streamlines this process, ensuring easy access to clean data more frequently to enhance your predicative analytics.

What Teams Say

“Tracer has allowed our team to shift focus from just aggregating reports for hours a week, to unlocking actionable insights across creative, audiences, and channels that we then have the actual time to implement.”
“Tracer has brought an unprecedented level of transparency to Papa Johns. Their technology has automated so much of the manual work associated with reporting that we’re able to focus on what matters.”
“The bottom line is Tracer has significantly improved our analytics practice. It’s allowed us to be faster and better in our data operations and outputs for clients - which allows us to focus our time and energy on outputs that support solving clients’ biggest business challenges. This makes us a more impactful partner to all of our clients.”
“Our media capabilities are so large that manual reporting required the team to spend hours a week collecting data from the variety of platforms and sources. Then the team had to clean, merge, and find time to provide insights. Automating these processes with Tracer has been great for time savings and best of all building a team of thinkers versus doers.”

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