The data platform for marketing efficiency
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Our technology was born out of the challenges facing today’s marketers.
We provide transparency into the performance of your investments through cross-platform data, with context specific to your business.
Tracer has a proven track record of empowering better decisions with over $1 billion traced across more than 50 brands globally.
Tracer is the single source of truth for marketers. Core features introduce efficiency at every stage of your workflow.
Cross-Platform Reporting
Consolidate all of your media data for efficient reporting
Flighting & Budgeting
Match available funding against live platform spend to keep campaigns on track
Business Context Layers
Create detailed tags and KPIs for custom cross-platform insights
Get a 30,000 ft view of trends from your campaigns
Enhanced Data Sets
Automated integration of your media, viewability, tracking and offline data
Reports update automatically and can be scheduled for customized delivery
Built For
Tracer is a flexible technology, providing value to a wide range of business challenges.
Align cross-platform spend to available funding for accurate budgeting and flighting, across your entire client portfolio
Aggregate data from each of your partners to gain transparency across all your investments
Paid and organic data all in one place. Ensure your projects hit their KPIs with distribution and delivery tracking
Tracer has direct API integrations with all major marketing platforms.
Paid Media
Organic Content
Viewability & Tracking
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