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Winning Together
Individuals don’t scale – teams do. It’s not about what you can accomplish individually; it’s about impacting what we can accomplish together. Share ownership, lend a hand, and empower others.
Creating Transparency
Transparency is in the DNA of what we build, as well as who we are. Ask questions, share answers, reach out for help, and challenge expectations across the board. Do so in a way that is accessible to everyone.
Reason Above Rank
The best ideas can come from anywhere, and the quality of the solution will always outweigh the source. It is the responsibility of all team members to facilitate discussion, be receptive, and objectively determine the path forward.
Proactive Leadership
Leadership is an action to be taken, not a title to be given. Set a positive example, put the goal first, and look for ways to improve at scale. Leadership opportunities, big and small, are always out there - if you're willing to look.
Building Community
Our community is built on trust, humility, mutual respect, and a commitment to our values - in how we act, listen, and lead. Each person helps make Tracer a place to take risks, speak up, and feel heard. The strength of our community starts with its members and extends past our walls.
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